Cinema Yearbook sixth edition

Volumen de colección

Completo catálogo de estrenos y un registro agenda de festivales
de la industria y mercado de cine en nuestro país.


Cinema Yearbook

We are pleased to invite you to take part in the next edition

We present this sixth edition following our initial premise of consolidating a communication and exchange forum for this sector, and believe in the importance of keeping a historical record on paper of the main events and developments in the argentine film industry.

Ultracine will handle distribution in order to reach subscribers, universities, festivals, embassies and other entities. International distribution will be coordinated together with INCAA and the Foreign Ministry, which will allow us to also reach major players in the film industry around the world.
The Ultracine yearbook has become an important promotion and exposure channel, and great opportunity to keep selling and making your business grow.

This edition will also feature a digital version for download.


  • Trilingual:
    • Spanish.
    • English.
    • Portuguese.
  • Content:
    • Reports of the local film market.
    • Interesting columns, interviews and news.
    • Comprehensive catalog of releases and a festival calendar.
  • Special:
    • Screen digitalization.
    • New multiplex cinemas.
    • The current status of domestic cinema.

The book also will be given as a gift to all participants of the regional cinema convention “Vista 2014”.




Once chosen the prefered ad position, the payment must be made before December 19st, 2014 to confirm reservation.